Japanese Swordsman “Satsuma Kenshi Hayato”
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About Japanese Swordsman “Satsuma Kenshi Hayato”

Satsuma Kenshi Hayato. The hero-swordsman of Kagoshima. He is strong and kind and loves the nature, the culture and the food of Kagoshima. He crosses swords with others to bring out their inner strength and true feelings rather than to beat them as enemies. His spirit is signified by his Bladeless sword, Mujinken Juujimaru.

Japanese Swordsman * Various scenic spots in Kagoshima* Use of Kagoshima dialect* Popularity among children AND adults* Aims at revitalization of traditions, culture, tourism and industries of Kagoshima* Local people's participation in drama-making and other activities to encourage revitalization;Promotion of use of their talents in music, drawing etc.* Stage shows for various social events
  • The drama is set in various scenic spots in Kagoshima.
  • It also geatures many kinds of local produce, products and cuisine.
  • Moreover, it is jam-packed with exciting fights with ninjas and swordsmen.
  • Hayato and other characters enliven festivals and fairs.

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